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Acting In Film – “What it Means to Act In Film”

In this episode of Next Stop, Hollywood Bob and Ginger start a 3 part series aimed at the Acting Talent Pool.  Today’s topic is; what medium is good for you (film vs theater), how to get a film acting role and what is expected from the performer.  If you actor’s are all on board, the […]

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Why Ultra Low Budget Contract?

When I was running the Central Florida Film Festival I came across many feature film entries.  All but a few, made on a shoestring.  Which means the, “I didn’t have money” excuse won’t cut it.  There were quite a few films that if they had used a professional actor/actress rather than Mom and Dad, the […]

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Who Works for Free?

I’ve read a couple of posts this week from, I guess, industry people ranting about producers that are looking for free labor. “Demand minimum wage” one of the writers insisted.  While another just said, ‘people looking for free labor are scams.’ If I blindly agree I would be doing everyone trying to get into the […]

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