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The Difference Between a Film Festival and a Film Market

In this episode of Next Stop, Hollywood Bob and Ginger go over the advantages and disadvantages of having your film at a Film Market versus a Film Festival. SPONSORS: Dave Cole, CPA  (407) 536-2033   Website               MoviePass.com Website

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Who Works for Free?

I’ve read a couple of posts this week from, I guess, industry people ranting about producers that are looking for free labor. “Demand minimum wage” one of the writers insisted.  While another just said, ‘people looking for free labor are scams.’ If I blindly agree I would be doing everyone trying to get into the […]

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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to AFM…

On November 1-8, 2017, I attended the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California.  It was the 19th time I attended and saw many survivors from the video days.  The main focus was AFM is expensive but yet we survive.  How? “Keeping up with the times” was the most consistent response.  During a seminar about […]

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